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Girls just want to have fun!

That’s right! There are certain moments when girls just want to have fun, whether it is at a hens do, a Christmas celebration, a team building activity or just a girls’ night out. These are the moments when they just want to forget all the sorrows in their life and just live in the moment. We at ARISTASIA Girls Looking for Fun realize the importance of having such moments and want to facilitate them as much as possible. Our name, Aristasia, is a feminine version of the Greek word aristos, which means ’the best". We therefore specialize in offering the best tips and advice on entertainment activities for women. We offer the best advice on where to go and what do so that women can plan fun, vibrant and personalized parties and events. So if you are planning a hen’s night or just a girls’ night out, this is the right place to start. We bring women together who are looking for fun! With a team of writers, designers and contributors obsessed with celebrating any opportunity, our goal is to help you plan your next event in the most creative and exciting way. 

What we offer!

We offer tips and great advice on the following aspects of a girls’ night together or any other event that a group of women want to celebrate. Here are a few events celebrated by women for which we offer great tips and advice.




We offer tips and advice on a unique range of fun and engaging entertainment which you can partake in while having fun with your girls such as: hot male strippers, comedy clubs and a music festival.

Party Activities

We offer tips and advice on unique and engaging party activities that are suitable for the nature of any celebration.



We offer tips and advice on great music that has the power to personalize any style of event.


We offer great tips and advice on the best venues and lcoations for your event. 

Tips to Planning a Great Girls’ Night Out

Here are a few tips to planning a great girls’ night out.

No guys allowed. The first and foremost thing to having a great girls' night out is to make sure that no guys are allowed. It is about having a good time alone with your friends, away from the stress of work and home and your partner. No kids allowed. Although you love your kids, you should leave them at home when going out for a girls’ night out. 
Look Great! Choose an appropriate outfit that compliment your shape and make you feel confident. Don’t forget great makeup and a gorgeous hairstyle.
 Decide on a theme for your girl’s night out. This makes the night so much more interesting and fun but you can always go with the flow where you just pick a great location to meet and the let everything else unfold as the night progresses.
Do not forget to arrange transportation to take you from one place to the next 
Remember to just have fun! Leave your worries behind for the night and capture memories that will last you for a lifetime. 

So, plan your next event with our expert advice and favorite party ideas.


We offer the top and best entertaining activities and party advice!